Cabinet & Display Lighting Systems

Universal Fiber Optic Lighting offers one of the largest and most diverse range of products specially manufactured to safely illuminate display cabinets and their contents.

With over 20 years experience in working with some of the world's most highly regarded display case manufacturers, we have provided display illumination in museums and galleries worldwide.

Our range of specialist display lighting components are hightly functional yet can be amazingly discrete, and with the safety and easy maintenance that only fiber optic lighting can offer, you can be assured that you are investing in the best possible lighting solution.

As we are a complete systems manufacturer, we are also able to offer custom designed components unique to you installation. If you do not see what you require on our site, or have your own ideas for your system, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help.

Light Tubes

Light tubes provide a versatile method to give a general wash of light.

They can be either easily hidden from view or can be finished to become an integral part of the display case design.

light tube

Light Bars

Light bar systems use similar profiles to our light tubes but have a flat front.

This allows for our small 34D mini trumpets to be installed in the bar, providing directional and focusable light.

light bar

Light Wands

Light wands are compact and discrete versions of our light tubes.

They use PMMA fiber fitted at close spacings to give a very even wash of light which is ideally suited to small display cases.

light wand

Cabinet Extrusions

Fit conventional recessed downlight in places where surface mounting is the only option.

The extrusion forms a conduit which conceals the fiber tails until they can be exited from the end.

cabinet extrusion cabinet extrusion cabinet extrusion

Picture Framing Fitting

The UFO 2F framing projectror is used to frame an object or picture with a beam of light.

The in-built shutters create a square or rectangular beam shape. By moving these, the size of the beam can be altered.

2f picture framing fitting


The MetroLED range combines the functionality and sleek design of our standard fiber optic light bars with the brilliance of LED.

Available with spot or linear lighting, or any mixture of the two.


Mini Crook

A termination for a fiber tail which holds the fiber at an angle from vertical.

Available in four different configuration options with various lengths and angles.

mini crook

Hermetic Fittings

Fittings with an airtight seal.

A range of articulated fittings with an airtight seal. Highly suitable for use in museum and display cases where a hermetic seal is desirable.

27h hermetic fitting 28h hermetic fitting 29h hermetic fitting

Downlight Fittings

Our traditional range of articulated and fixed lens downlights.

Articulated and fixed downlight fittings. Available in a number of shapes and sizes.

1d downlight fitting 11da downlight fitting 10da downlight fitting

90° Mirror Fittings

The Universal Fiber Optic Lighting mirror fittings are designed to deliver light at 90° to the run of the fiber tail.

This allows the fiber optics to be used where there is limited space for the fitting.

19m mirror fitting 26m mirror fitting

Rod & Clamp System

The rod and clamp allows fibers and lenses to be mounted to a shelf or to the sides or bottom of a cabinet.

Custom made to a specified length and with a configurable number of lenses.

rod and clamp

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