Download Product Datasheets

Datasheets for a selection of UFO products are available to download in PDF format.

These will provide you with detailed specifications, CAD drawings and photos of the items.

If you would prefer to receive printed material, please fill in the contact form stating which datasheets you require and we will be more than happy to post them out to you.

The files on this page require a PDF viewer to be installed on your computer. Click here to download the free reader from Adobe if required.

Paver Fittings

p1n paver p2n paver p3n paver p4 paver p7 paver

UFO P1N DatasheetUFO P2N DatasheetUFO P3N DatasheetUFO P4 DatasheetUFO P7 Datasheet

p9n paver p11n paver p18 paver p19 paver p20 paver

UFO P9N DatasheetUFO P11N DatasheetUFO P18 DatasheetUFO P19 DatasheetUFO P20 Datasheet

p21 paver p22 paver p13n paver p14n paver p15 paver

UFO P21 DatasheetUFO P22 DatasheetUFO P13N DatasheetUFO P14N DatasheetUFO P15 Datasheet

Downlight Fittings

1d downlight 4d downlight 9d downlight 10d downlight 10da downlight

UFO 1D DatasheetUFO 4D DatasheetUFO 9D DatasheetUFO 10D DatasheetUFO 10DA Datasheet

10dbr downlight 11d downlight 11da downlight 13d downlight 13da downlight

UFO 10DBR DatasheetUFO 11D DatasheetUFO 11DA DatasheetUFO 13D DatasheetUFO 13DA Datasheet

20d downlight 21d downlight 34d downlight

UFO 20D DatasheetUFO 21D DatasheetUFO 34D Datasheet

Hermetic Fittings

27h hermetic 28h hermetic 29h hermetic 30h hermetic

UFO 27H DatasheetUFO 28H DatasheetUFO 29H DatasheetUFO 30H Datasheet

Submersion Fittings

e1 submersion e2 submersion e3 submersion p17t submersion p4g submersion

UFO E1 DatasheetUFO E2 DatasheetUFO E3 DatasheetUFO P17T DatasheetUFO P4G Datasheet

Decorative Sparkle Fittings

12d sparkle 12dm sparkle 12ds sparkle 12dsf sparkle s1 sparkle

UFO 12D DatasheetUFO 12DM DatasheetUFO 12DS DatasheetUFO 12DS/F DatasheetUFO S1 Datasheet

sparkle flush star lens mushroom lens

UFO Sparkle Flush DatasheetUFO Star Lens DatasheetUFO Mushroom Lens Datasheet

Crystal Fittings

cr1 crystal cr2 crystal cr3 crystal cr4 crystal

UFO CR1 DatasheetUFO CR2 DatasheetUFO CR3 DatasheetUFO CR4 Datasheet

Cabinet & Display Systems

light tubes light bars light wands extrusions ufo 2f picture framing fitting

Light Tube DatasheetLight Bar DatasheetLight Wand DatasheetUFO Extrusions DatasheetUFO 2F Datasheet

Fiber & Harnesses

end lit polymer harness end lit glass harness glass side glow harness single core end lit sheathed polymer fiber single core end lit unsheathed polymer fiber

End Lit PMMA HarnessEnd Lit Glass HarnessGlass Sideglow HarnessSingle Core End Lit Sheathed PMMA FiberSingle Core End Lit Unsheathed PMMA Fiber

multistrand end lit sheathed polymer fiber nsg polymer sideglow fiber

Multistrand End Lit Sheathed PMMA FiberPMMA Sideglow Fiber


compact decorative illuminator compact white illuminator triton illuminator slimline illuminator ixion illuminator

Compact Decorative DatasheetCompact White DatasheetTriton DatasheetSlimline DatasheetIxion Datasheet

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