Our Range of End Fittings

Fittings for decorative and functional applications.

End fittings may or may not be necessary depending on your application. Some types serve the function of focussing and/or directing the light, while others give a purely decorative finish to the ends of the fiber.

Generally those with flat lenses do not alter the angle of the light cone, while those with domed lenses are focusable.

UFO fittings are available in many decorative finishes, and for larger quantities some can be supplied with a custom finish.

Paver Fittings

Our classic range of paver fittings.

With flat or domed lenses for fixed or focussing beams. Also available frosted for marker dots of light.

p1n paver fitting p20 paver fitting p2n paver fitting

Downlight Fittings

Our range of articulated and fixed lens downlights.

Articulated fittings that can be angled to a greater or lesser extent from the vertical position and fixed downlights which shine light in a straight line. Available in a number of shapes and sizes.

1d downlight fitting 11da downlight fitting 10da downlight fitting

Decorative Sparkle Fittings

Decorative lenses for small and large fiber to give sharp points of light.

For unsheathed fiber and sheathed fiber with ferrules.

star lens fitting 12d sparkle fitting s1 sparkle fitting

Submersion Fittings

Fittings for use in damp areas and underwater.

These fittings are manufactured from stainless steel for corrosion resistance and use appropriate seals to the parts which are exposed to water.

e1 submersion fitting e3 submersion fitting p17t submersion fitting

Crystal Fittings

Decorative fittings made from real European glass.

Available in four different sizes, these fittings provide a spectacular effect in the area around the fitting.

cr1 crystal fitting cr2 crystal fitting cr3 crystal fitting

Hermetic Fittings

Fittings with an airtight seal.

A range of articulated fittings with an airtight seal. Highly suitable for use in museum and display cases where a hermetic seal is desirable.

27h hermetic fitting 28h hermetic fitting 29h hermetic fitting


Decorative lenses for small and large fiber to give sharp points of light.

Lenses without fixings to attach directly to ferrule ends.

25d lens 26d lens

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