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The innate safety aspects of fiber optic lighting make them the ideal solution for exterior signage illumination.

We supply many sign makers with fiber optics for signs such as the example featured within this section. There are many effects available and being safe outside as well as inside and with low maintenance and reliability, fiber optics can provide an exciting solution.

Use the thumbnails below to view more information on a particular project.

golden palm
Golden Palm

Fiber optic effects in this casino signage.

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bridlington exterior
Bridlington Forum

UFO help to illuminate the seafront in Bridlington.

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queen mary 2
RMS Queen Mary 2

Revamping the name sign on this prestigious ocean liner.

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london hilton
London Hilton

Fiber optic star effect at the entrance of this London hotel.

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Golden PalmBridlington ForumRMS Queen Mary 2London Hilton

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