Fiber Harnesses

Harnesses comprise one or more tails (or cables) of fiber optics which transmit the light from the illuminator over a distance.

They are joined together in a connector (common end) and are normally separate at the other end. Harnesses may be terminated at the loose end depending on the type of fiber used.

Glass Fiber Harnesses

Universal Fiber Optic Lighting are the ONLY manufacturer of raw fiber for lighting in the United Kingdom.

Glass fiber is most commonly used in its end-emitting configuration to transmit light from the illuminator to individual points of delivery.

end lit glass fiber glass side glow

End Terminations

End terminations such as ferrules, flex and stays and shepherds crooks finish the loose ends of multi-stranded fiber.

The type of ferrule or end termination used will depend on the application and the type of end fitting desired.

ferrule mini crook

PMMA Fiber Harnesses

We offer a range of PMMA fiber harness options in both end-emitting and side-glow varieties.

End emitting is available in both sheathed and unsheathed configurations and in a number of sizes. We also offer a varied range of sideglow fiber which all output different lighting effects.

end lit PMMA fiber side sparkle side glow stranded side glow

Common Ends

The common end is used to bind all the fiber tails together in a single connection, which can then be plugged into a standard sized fitting on an illuminator.

Available in various sizes, common ends are different for glass and PMMA fiber, with those for glass being larger.

glass common end PMMA common end mini common end adaptor

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