Stunning Fiber Optic Chandeliers

Universal Fiber Optic Lighting have designed, constructed and installed stunning custom chandeliers for many projects around the world.

As we are complete systems manufacturers we have the in-house facilities to complete your project on time and to the agreed specification. We have the ability to construct the chandelier base from a variety of materials and in almost any shape or size.

Holes for fiber optic tails can be drilled in any pattern required and fiber drop lengths can be a long or short as required.

Our Brushed Stainless Steel Range

A range of five standard chandelier bases, all manufactured from brushed stainless steel and installed with cracked glass sideglow fiber.

As standard these bases are supplied in brushed effect finish, however we can custom paint them to any RAL colour to suit individual specifications.

All bases are available with a choice of fiber drop lengths ranging from the shortest one metre drop to the long ten metre drop.

The bases are all available with a 150mm tall upstand and have an internal framework which has mounting points for attaching to the ceiling and a secure tray for locating the light source.

our brushed stainless chandelier range

Custom Chandelier Design

Working from architectural plans, sketches or just general dimensions, we have the ability to make circular fiber optic chandeliers of almost any diameter.

In addition to the classic circular shape, many customers request elliptical, square or rectangular shaped installations. These can provide an interesting and very different effect to the circular designs.

For large projects, we can arrange for an experienced member of our sales & design team to visit the site and advise you on which type of installation would best suit your requirements, as well as measure up required tail lengths, and assist in planning cable routes.

Using different lengths and patterns of fiber optic tails, each chandelier is custom designed to your particular requirements.

Fiber Types

Chandeliers can be made from either glass or PMMA fiber. Generally we use either cracked glass sideglow or PMMA side sparkle fiber.

fiber types

Installation Options

Some of our previous chandeliers have been very large - with sizes reaching up to 6 meters in diameter. With structures like these, you will more than likely need a team of professional installation engineers to undertake the fitting of the chandelier.

Universal Fiber Optic Lighting has a team of experienced installers who are fully trained in all aspect of fiber optic lighting installation.

For larger chandeliers, the installation normally takes place during the construction phase of a building, as it is usually preferable to have access above the ceiling for the locating of illuminators and fiber optic cable runs. Depending on the chandeliers size and the complexity of the design, it is sometimes also necessary to complete its construction on site.

barr al jissah installation

This approach can help avoid damage to the fiber and the chandelier base in transit. For example, in one recent case, the chandelier was so large that it was constructed in four pieces. The chandelier was assembled in our factory for testing purposes, disassembled for transportation, and then rebuilt by our team on site.

Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

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