Our Range of Illuminators

From high powered metal halide to cool & quiet tungsten halogen models, we have one of the largest illuminator ranges available.

The illuminator provides the illumination to any fiber optic lighting system. They contain the lamp and any additional control gear to provide special lighting effects.

Illuminators are the only part of a fiber optic system which contains electricity, and they are the only part that, depending on the type, can get warm to the touch.

Our range of illuminators can be broadly split into two separate ranges - metal halide and tungsten halogen.

Metal Halide Illuminators

High power, with maximum control options.

These illuminators are generally used when a brighter, punchier light is required.

compact dmx illuminator compact decorative illuminator

Compact DMXCompact Decorative

LED Illuminators

LED technology with exceptional light output

Our range of LED illuminators for architectural and decorative use.

microled 4000 luna LED

MicroLED 4000Luna LED

Tungsten Halogen Illuminators

Cool, quiet and discrete but still fully featured.

Low voltage illuminators that are suitable for multiple applications.

slimline illuminator ixion illuminator

Slimline IlluminatorIxion Illuminator

Illuminator Accessories

Optional control systems, effect wheels and enclosures.

A range of accessories to enhance and protect your illuminator.

weatherproof enclosures colourwheel

EnclosuresColor Wheel

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