Self-install Fiber Optic Lighting Kits

Unlimited Light for Unlimited Applications

Universal Fiber Optic Lighting's sister company, Unlimited Light, offer innovative, and easy to install lighting kits for home or commercial use.

The Unlimited Light website is the place to browse, be inspired by and purchase contemporary & affordable self install fiber optic lighting kits.

As part of Universal Fiber Optics LLC, Unlimited Light have been supplying cutting-edge fiber optic products to clients worldwide for more than 20 years and have earned a leadership position in the global fiber optics industry.

See below for more details on our range of kits.

star ceiling kits

Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Kits

The Unlimited Light star ceiling kit is the ultimate decorative and therapeutic addition to your bedroom, bathroom, living room or any room in the home.

Available in a range of sizes to suit almost any application.

sensory lighting

Fiber Optic Sensory & Therapy Lighting

Unlimited Light offers two types of sensory lighting kits - color changing and ultra violet. The harnesses in both kit types are made from safe PMMA fiber.

As with all of our fiber optic kits are safe to touch as no electricity or heat is transmitted through the fiber.

crystal chandelier

Crystal Chandeliers

The new range of luxury crystal chandeliers from Unlimited Light are manufactured using the finest crystal parts sourced from the worlds premier crystal company.

While there are other spherical chandeliers on the market using glass or acrylic parts, the Unlimited Light pure crystal chandelier range are visually superior with a dense arrangement of fine cut crystals.

floor paver kits

Fiber Optic Floor Paver Kits

Unlimited Light paver lighting kits are the perfect solution to floor level mood lighting.

These light systems are also unique in that the fittings stay cool and are safe to walk on, while also allowing for a dazzling range of lighting effects.

crystal ceiling kits

Fiber Optic Crystal Ceiling Kits

These crystal fittings are made with the purest and most finely cut crystal parts and achieve a regular and radiant reflected pattern onto the ceiling or surface in which they are installed.

There are two different crystal cuts supplied which give two different patterns.

downlight kits

Fiber Optic Downlight Kits

The colorwash downlight kit has the ability to continuously change the color of your bathroom lighting, bedroom or living room lighting.

Especially effective with white backdrops it creates a stunning effect when used behind a white voile curtain.

spa and bath kits

Fiber Optic Spa & Bath Kits

This underwater fiber optic lighting kit is a truly unique product that will continue to give the 'wow' factor to your bathroom or spa for many years

It allows you to maximise your relaxation at bath time by introducing mood influencing colors to the water.

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