Special Fabrications

Universal Fiber Optic Lighting can provide custom solutions for almost any lighting requirements.

Some of the custom solutions we have designed previously are shown below. For any other custom designs, please feel free to get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Our in-house designers and engineering department have the skills and tools to make almost any idea a reality.

Stair Nosing

The UFO stair nosing system provides a safe and convenient light to the front edge of almost any size of stairway.

Illuminating both the front and top of each step, fiber optics provide the easiest way to achieve this type of lighting.

side sparkle side glow

Handrail Assemblies

Universal Fiber Optic Lighting can provide many unique and functional lighting solutions for handrail assemblies.

Lighting systems can be installed in new or existing handrails.

side sparkle side glow

Edge Lit PMMA

Edge lit PMMA provides an excellent solution to underlighting shelves and giving an even backlight to displays.

Lit using a number of end-emitting tails which fire light into the panel from the side.

stariflex side glow

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