The Forum, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

  • Bridligton Forum Exterior

    Exterior Crystal Canopy

  • Fiber Optic Chandelier

    Fiber Optic Chandelier

  • Fiber Optic Chandelier

    Fiber Optic Chandelier

  • Star Rod Lighting

    Star Rod Lighting

  • Star Ceiling

    Star Ceiling

  • Flower Chandelier

    Custom UFO Flower Chandelier

The Forum entertainment center on the seafront in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, makes extensive use of fiber optic lighting both inside and out.

The Bridlington Forum is one of the east coast's largest and most varied entertainment centers.

On the exterior of the building, UFO provided a crystal fiber optic lighting system which illuminates the canopy over the main entrance.

Inside there are a number of fiber optic features, including color changing chandeliers, fiber optic flower chandeliers and illuminated star rods. The dance floor area has a large DMX controlled star ceiling which can provide synchronised color changing effects.

Equipment used in this project:

equipment used


150W metal halide with DMX control


Various sizes of glass and PMMA

End Fittings

CR4 Crystal fittings on the exterior canopy
Custom mande fittings on the interior features

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