Crocodillos Bar, United Kingdom

  • Fiber Optic Canopy

    Fiber Optic Canopy

  • Illuminated Glass Blocks

    Illuminated Glass Blocks

  • Illuminated Glass Blocks

    Illuminated Glass Blocks

  • Paver Uplighting

    Paver Uplighting Under Tables

  • Paver Uplighting

    Paver Uplighting to Bar Front

  • Fiber Optic Star Cloth

    Fiber Optic Star Cloth

Crocodillos features dramatic synchronised colourchange effects, achieved using a number of DMX lightsources.

The glass block walls were illuminated to stunning effect by the use of fiber optic light tubes mounted vertically on each side within the void between the glass blocks.

Illuminating the glass blocks beneath the seating area railings are a row of 3mm diameter fiber optics at close centers, washing light downwards behind two layers of blocks.

In order to intensify the effect of the lighting, reflective mirror material was used behind the glass blocks.

Paver uplighters were also used in the flooring to illuminate the seating area.

UFO P2 domed pavers were used to illuminate the fascia of the bar area, recessed into the floor to produce a scalloped light effect with colourchange effects. The unique bar canopy was achieved by draping size 1 glass sideglow tails over a metal frame, again with colourchange properties.

The back bar and bar servery ceiling feature fiber optic star cloth draped in two tiers. A different effect was achieved for one section of the ceiling by leaving the fiber optic tails untrimmed.

Fiber optic sideglow was fitted in the staircase stair nosings with one line of light illuminating the stair tread and a second illuminating the top of the stair riser. A range of different colors are available for stair tread material.

Finally, two large sections of 10mm thick fiber optic light panel were installed behind the main bar. The panels are transparent but change color when fiber optic tails are inserted into the top and bottom edges, the light reflecting off the fine pattern printed on the light panel material.

Equipment used in this project:

equipment used


150W Compact metal halide with DMX control


Glass walls - Glass fiber

Seating area - Glass fiber

Bar - Glass fiber

Ceiling - PMMA fiber

Bar canopy - Cracked sideglow

End Fittings

Bar - UFO P2 Pavers

Steps - UFO Stair Nosing

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