Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London, UK

  • London Hilton entrance

    The Front-of-House

  • Stainless steel canopy

    Stainless Steel Canopy

  • Three sizes of star points

    Three Sizes of Star Points

The front-of-house appearance of Hilton Park Lane, London, was redeveloped in 2009 using designs by the architects Manser Practice, who specified and designed a polished stainless steel canopy which was to incorporate a fiber optic star ceiling.

The concept called for the stars to become bigger, and the distribution of them less dense, as they get closer to the building.

UFO were able to use 3 different types of end fitting to accomplish this. The small stars use UFO mushroom lenses with 1.5mm PMMA fiber, the medium sized ones use UFO P4G fittings fitted with 2mm fiber, whilst the large star points neasrest the building use UFO P17T paver fittings with 4.3mm fiber.

In addition, the medium and large stars have frosted glass applied to the outside to improve viewing angles and create a larger point fo light.

The complete effect can be seen running 24 hours a day from a long distance away from the hotel, and by drivers on Park Lane.

Equipment used in this project:

equipment used


150W metal halide


Various sizes of PMMA fiber

End Fittings

Mushroom lenses, P4G pavers and P17T pavers

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