RMS Queen Mary II Ocean Liner

  • Color Changing Crystals

  • Powered by DMX Illuminators

  • Color Changing Crystals

  • Powered by DMX Illuminators

Cunard's RMS Queen Mary II is a magnificent ocean going liner measuring 1132 feet in length. The ship was named in January 2004 by Queen Elizabeth II and has since voyaged to many destinations around the world.

Universal Fiber Optic Lighting were contracted to replace another company's fiber optics which were installed in the ships name sign but had been damaged by the sea and weather.

UFO joined the ship at Southampton en-route to Hamburg for the refit. All the old optics were removed and measuring up for the replacements was completed whilst at sea. All information was then emailed to Scotland where the harnesses and ferrules were manufactured on out high-speed Star lathe. They were then sent out direct to the shipyard in Hamburg.

Universal Fiber Optic Lighting were able to complete this extremely specialist job from start to finish in less than three weeks.

Now that the sign is complete, the increased brightness of the UFO fiber optic system means that the ships sign can be seen from over 20 miles away.

Equipment used in this project:

equipment used


150W metal halide


Over 5000 tails in a number of harnesses with special custom ferrules

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