Rotunda Museum, Scarborough, United Kingdom

  • Downlights in the base

    Downlights in the Base

  • UFO 11D downlights

    UFO 11D Downlights

  • Downlights in extrusion

    Downlights in Extrusion

  • UFO 11D downlights

    UFO 11D Downlights

  • UFO 11D downlights

    UFO 11D Downlights

Universal Fiber Optic Lighting provided extensive lighting throughout both galleries within the Rotunda Museum in Scarborough.

The museum was reopened in May 2008 and the ground floor now features two galleries - the Dinosaur Coast and the Shell Geology Now Gallery.

The Rotunda makes extensive use of custom designed showcases. To tie in with this, UFO constructed a system from cabinet extrusion, fitted with UFO 11D directional downlight fittings and illuminated by 100W illuminators.

Downlight fittings are also used in the base of many of the display cases to provide a wash of light over the exhibits.

These systems were mounted in the front corners of the cases and allow the light to shine backwards into the display cases.

The UFO 11D fittings were painted to match the mounting extrusion allowing them to blend in seamlessly.

Equipment used in this project:

equipment used


Aurora 100W tungsten halogen


Glass fiber harnesses

End Fittings

UFO 11D downlight fittings

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