The Wallace Collection, London, United Kingdom

  • UFO custom fittings

    UFO Custom Fittings

  • Downlighting this painting

    Downlighting this Painting

  • UFO custom fittings

    UFO Custom Fittings

  • Downlighting these artifacts

    Downlighting these Artefacts

  • Downlighting this carpet

    Downlighting this Carpet

To light items such as paintings, antique carpets and delicate ceramics, fiber optics provide an unparalleled solution as can be seen from these systems installed by Universal Fiber Optic Lighting at the Wallace Collection in London.

The UFO10D downlight fittings give an even wash of light to the exhibits without damaging heat.

Equipment used in this project:

equipment used


Carpets & Paintings - 150W metal halide

Cases - Aurora 100W tungsten halogen


Carpets & Paintings - Glass fiber

Cases - Glass fiber

End Fittings

Carpets & Paintings - UFO 10D downlight fittings

Cases - custom fittings

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