About Universal Fiber Optic Lighting

The UK's only complete fiber optic lighting systems manufacturer.

With over 20 years experience in manufacturing, supplying and installing complete fiber optic lighting solutions for many prestigious clients, Universal Fiber Optic Lighting are the number one choice for fiber optic lighting systems of all sizes and specifications.

So what makes Universal Fiber Optic Lighting different from other companies who supply fiber optics?

Through an already large and diverse client base, which is growing daily, we continue to work on prestigious projects around the world.

Contact us today and find out how UFO can help make your lighting project the success it deserves to be.

We Specify and Design...

Lighting for major projects

We Manufacture...

Our own illuminators

ixion illuminator compact illuminator aurora illuminator

Our own end fittings

ufo p1n paver fitting ufo e1 submersible fitting ufo 11da downlight

Our own fiber

fiber optic harness fiber optic harness fiber optic harness

We Install...

UFO have fully trained teams of lighting installers if required for your project.

queen mary ii installation museum case installation

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