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Glass & PMMA Fiber Optic Harnesses

High quality, UK manufactured fiber optic harnesses

UFO is the only manufacturer of raw fiber for lighting in the United Kingdom. Our harnesses are UK made and our manufacturing team have years of experience in building, randomising and polishing. This means you can be sure that you are purchasing a top quality product.

There are two general types of harnesses available - glass and PMMA, and these are further broken down into end lit or side emitting types.

Harnesses comprise one or more tails (or cables) of fiber optics which transmit the light from the illuminator over a distance.

The tails are joined together in a connector (the common end) which plugs into the illuminator, and are normally loose at the other end. Harnesses may be terminated with ferrules or other end fittings at the loose end depending on the type of fiber used.

Fiber optic harnesses are custom made to your specification or to the lengths required for your specific job.

End Lit Glass Fiber Harnesses

End lit glass harnesses offer superior light transmission over distances up to around 10 metres.

end lit glass fiber optic harnesses

Glass Side Glow Fiber Harnesses

Glass sideglow harnesses for decorative lighting and special effect use.

glass side glow fiber optic harness

End Lit PMMA Fiber Harnesses

A range of sheathed and unsheathed PMMA harnesses in various diameters.

end lit pmma fiber optic harness

Side Emitting PMMA Fiber Harnesses

We offer a range of PMMA harnesses for sensory and decorative use.

side sparkle pmma fiber harnesses

Common Ends

The common end is used to bind all the fiber tails together in a single connection which is then plugged into an illuminator.

common ends for fiber optic harnesses

End Termination Ferrules

Ferrules provide a sealed end termination to a fiber tail and allow end fittings to be attached.

fiber optic ferrule terminations