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Bulk Supply of PMMA Fiber on Reels

High Quality PMMA fiber supplied in bulk quantities on reels

We manufacture PMMA fiber in-house in the UK and can supply on rolls to manufacturers and installers. A range of unsheathed and sheathed single fibers and sheathed bundles of 0.75mm fiber are normally held in stock in our US warehouse for fast delivery to your premises.

Standard sizes are shown on the pages linked below, and we also have the ability to manufacture special bundle sizes to your specification.

The normal sheathing material used is a low smoke halogen free material.

Sheathed PMMA Fiber

High Quality single and multi-stranded sheathed PMMA fiber supplied on reels.

end lit glass fiber optic harnesses

Unsheathed PMMA Fiber

High quality unsheathed single strand PMMA fiber supplied on reels.

unsheathed pmma fiber supplied on reels

Side Emitting PMMA Fiber

Various types of side emitting PMMA fiber supplied in bulk on reels.

side emitting pmma fire supplied on reels