LED Cabinet Lighting Kits

Linear LED Lighting Kit

linear kit overview

MetroLED is a versatile lighting system used for illuminating precious objects and artefacts within the museum, gallery and retail sectors. It has been designed with ease of use and maintainability in mind, and is now available in kit format for those who require a quick and effective means of illumination.

Our linear kit is ideal for those who require unobtrusive, light washes in indoor environments. The kit comprises of a LED linear light bar set in a round or rectangular extrusion, and can be specified with a warm or cold LED light and dimming functionality to suit all manner of requirements.
The linear bar is available in 3 lengths and comes with a power cable, end caps and mounting clips for easy installation in recessed channels in almost any surface. The minimalist design of the linear bar means it is the ideal choice for those requiring subtle up or downlighting.

Easy Installation

Extremely easy to install, our linear LED kits offer the simplest and quickest way to provide a wash of light in a recessed alcove, on a bookcase or underneath a shelf.
Each linear LED strip is supplied with 2 mounting clips. These should be positioned at each end of the strip.
Mark the clip positions and drill holes to take countersunk M4 self tapping screws. Screw the clips to the mounting surface.
Then, simply push the linear strip into the clips so that they hold it in place, and switch on the mains power.