LED Cabinet Lighting Kits

LED Lighting Kit with MBL2 Downlight

mbl2 kit overview

This kit comes with a choice of color temperatures, high color rendition and narrow, medium and wide beam options to suit varying requirements.
Also included is a driver unit which allows you to control the overall dimming level of the lighting via a potentiometer which can be mounted in a standard 1 gang pattress box, a splitter box and 2.5 meters (8.2ft) of cable for each fitting.
Whether you want to gently wash the interior of a cabinet or highlight specific areas or niches, it is achievable with the MBL2.

Easy Installation

The MBL fitting range can be easily installed on any rigid surface.
Simply pull the base cap up from the mounting foot to reveal the 3 mounting holes.
Mark the positions for the holes and also mark a position for the fittings power cable. Drill pilot holes for the mounting screws and a 5mm (0.2") diameter hole for power cable.
Push the power cable through hole, and screw the fitting to mounting surface.
Finally, connect all power cables to the junction box and switch on power.