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Entertainment & Hospitality Lighting Projects

The Gran Casino Aljarafe

The Gran Casino Aljarafe is one of the top casinos in Spain, with up-to-the-minute facilities including live table and slot machine areas, as well as a trendy nightclub for dancing the night away. Eateries include five restaurants, a terrace, and a snack bar serving traditional Spanish tapas.

Such a lively, exuberant venue called for an exciting lighting look, with a variety of effects creating different moods in the different areas of the casino. The Oxfordshire office of DPA lighting consultants approached UFO to provide fiber optic lighting systems throughout the venue.

The design brief was to enhance the interior spaces with vibrant and creative lighting. DPA's vision was to use theatrical lighting to create focal points to break up large areas and differentiate between zones, using cold cathode and fiber optic lighting.

UFO were asked to provide the fiber optic element by installing UFO star ceilings in several areas of the Gran Casino. The star ceilings needed to create a variety of looks around the building, so a range of UFO fibers and end fittings were used to give unique effects.

The ceiling above the casino floor was fitted with crystals, giving sparkling points of light and casting decorative patterns around each fitting. Bare-ended fiber was used to create small, dense points of light in the bar area and above the slot machines. Large sparkle downlights were installed in the ceiling above the reception, for a welcoming atmosphere.

Different lighting effects allowed the designers to create distinct areas within the large complex, giving the venue a sense of flow and comfort, while the 3D effect of the star ceilings added a feeling of glamour, warmth and excitement.


Tomares, Seville, Spain


Commercial, Decorative Lighting


DPA Lighting Consultants

 Products used

Illuminators: 150W metal halide
Harnesses: 1mm PMMA fiber
End Fittings: UFO 12D sparkle downlights in the reception and UFO crystal fittings in the casino ceiling

 Date completed