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Illuminators For Fiber Optic Lighting

A range of powerful illuminators for lighting fiber optics

What's an Illuminator?

Think of it as a fiber optic projector or illuminator. It acts as an interface between the fiber optic strands, and your electricity supply.

The illuminator is a separate unit that feeds light through the fiber optic strands. It can be kept at a distance from the lighting display, and is the only part of a fiber optic system that contains electricity. Depending on the type of illuminator, it's also the only part that can become warm to the touch.

An illuminator provides the illumination for a fiber optic system. It contains the lamp or LED, and any additional control mechanism for special lighting effects such as color-changing, pulsing or twinkling.

Illuminator Options

Call it an illuminator, a fiber optic projector, or a fiber optic illuminator - when you have a fiber optic system, it needs to get its light from a safe, reliable, high quality source of illumination.

Our fiber optic illuminators are the best in the industry, because we've been in the industry right from the start. As the UK's only manufacturers of fiber for fiber optics, we design and build complete systems used by some of the world's biggest names, so we know exactly what's needed for a top quality illuminator.

Whether you're looking for high-powered metal halide, cool and quiet LED, or a traditional tungsten halogen model, you won't find better illuminators anywhere in the industry.

  • Control - Everything from standalone to full DMX.
  • Effects - Color change, twinkle and dimming are all easy to achieve.
  • Choice - One of the largest ranges in the industry.
  • Reliability - thoroughly tested before dispatch.

LED Illuminators

Looking for a safe, powerful LED illuminator? We make illuminators suitable for every size of project, from our tiny MicroLED range, to the mighty Sirius for large-scale installations.

led illuminators for fiber optic lighting

Metal Halide

Need an exceptionally bright, punchy illuminator for your fiber optic lighting system? Metal halide illuminators are the ultimate in power, for high visibility and longer fiber runs.

copmpact decorative illuminator for fiber optic lighting

Tungsten Halogen

Need a quiet, cool-running illuminator for your museum/gallery lighting or small project? Tungsten halogen illuminators are the ultimate in low-voltage, uniform fiber optic lighting.

aurora tungsten halogen illuminator for fiber optic lighting

Weather Resistant Enclosures

We can build any of our illuminators into a weather resistant enclosure so that they can be located outdoors.

weather resistant enclosure for illuminator